Updating blackberry 8100

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It seems the new Black Berry Curve 8520 is missing from the list above.

It will for sure get the OS 5.0 update as well - they must have left it off by accident.

Toasting a new firmware on a mobile phone always make me nervous.

Will the upgrade succeed or will I brick the device, rendering it an expensive paper weight?

Isn't it funny, that we tried hard to remove carrier branding from our phones just last year, and that this year, Vodafone has come up with branding that you actually want?

its got nothing to do with the battery, take it to what ever network your on and then just explain. download it and go to downloads and start up blackberry app world.

There have been two things bothering me with the Pearl, and both have been fixed with the firmware: When you try to download the firmware, you will find that RIM only lists a Rogers version. Download the package, stop Desktop Manager, run the installer, then remove the file.

Load Desktop Manager and it should ask you to upgrade the phone.

I think RIM made the firmware update process quite fail-safe.

The only Black Berry I did not try to brick is my Black Berry Pearl 8100 as I have currently only one ;-) I am a Cingular customer in the US and I really dislike most of the preinstalled BB themes (7130g). javaloader -u load *RIM Wireless Handheld Java Loader Copyright 2001-2005 Research In Motion Limited Connecting to device...

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