Updating firmware wrt54g

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Some years old posts found around the Net suggest there was an update, but all links are now dead. For some reason I could read the directory of that ftp server but downloading was impossible, however knowing the name of the file was enough to find it elsewhere.

Not going to do anything serious with that junk, but at least It won't become a doorstopper.

updating firmware wrt54g-69

updating firmware wrt54g-64

updating firmware wrt54g-46

In response to community pressure , Linksys also announced that they have released a version (dubbed Linksys WRT54GL) that is based on the version 4 hardware and will run Linux.However, in an unusual turn of actually I've noticed some interesting stuff going on with Sveasoft, my previous firmware, so I started looking for an alternative.Sveasoft hasn't released a new version in a while and I've consistently had trouble VPN'ing back into my house from outsite.Since firmware release: 3.x.x from Oct 2004, limited Qo S is now supported by the vendor on all versions of this router.Cisco/Linksys download page for WRT54G Because this router has Linux based firmware its possible to replace portions of the firmware with custom programming.

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