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First, Apple offers many downloads of older software on their official Apple Support Downloads page.Of course this only includes Apple software, but if you’re looking for old versions of i Movie, Pages, Keynote, the i Life Suite, older Mac OS X system updates, firmware updates and security updates, older versions of i Tunes and Quick Time, and similar Apple apps and software, it’s a great place to start. Or maybe an older retro Mac is sitting in a closet that you’d like to dust off and get some use out of?Maybe it’s a Power Book that is running Snow Leopard, an original i Mac with Tiger, an older Macintosh LC 475 with System 7.0.1, a Quadra 800 with Mac OS 9, or a Macintosh SE with System 6.And of course the other option is to use physical media, whether it’s an SD card, CD / DVD, an external hard drive with an appropriate adapter, or floppy disks, that’s up to you.Do you know of any other helpful resources for finding and downloading old Mac software?I'm trying to install Linux on on Powerbook G4 Titanium 550MHz from 2001, but every distribution I tried had the same Problem: It starts booting normally, but after some time the screen on the laptop ...I currently have a copy of ubuntu server 16.04 running on a power PC system (Powermac G5) and I want to move it over to a newer Intel x86 system.

I tried installing lubuntu 16.04 and when the install screen was opened it would crash at one point seemingly ...

Share your own experiences, favorite links, and retro Mac software ideas and resources in the comments below!

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