Updating map on magellan 1200 roadmate

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This is a way for them to try and not honor lifetime map agreements.

If they are treating others this way - this deserves a class action suit to filed against Magellan GPS.

Decided to keep it and work through the issue and learn the product... After about 3 months it works about 10% of the time. It amazes me that this company is still in business. Emailed Magellan support, followed their instructions: delete Map folder, back up, format. Software update crashed the hard drive on my current 5045-LM GPS.

“Unfortunately the TRX has stopped” keeps coming up with no map display. Still has insufficient space issue, now I have no map folder, so I have no GPS. MANY attempted fixes, later it was deemed UN-repairable by their tech support. So I did, got it, opened the box and tried to set it up. I live in Ontario Canada and for the time zone to be correct I need to manually choose Singapore...?

I refused and was told that the Canadian government would not allow anymore free map updates since 1st of July 2019.

I seriously asked if the senior support agent worked for Magellan and he said, "yes." 1 year maps 199.99 USD/2 years map update and service ONLY 245 USD for a Magellan Roadmate 5620-LM with FREE lifetime map updates I bought last year at Canadian Tire Spruce Grove, Alberta. Bought a TRX for Christmas, had difficulties initially because it was not user friendly. First time I got to update maps, process did not work.

You can either visit a store that sells them such as Best Buy of Future Shop or you can visit their official website for info.These changes are happening in real time and this information is provided to drivers when they sync their device with their smartphones.The company believes in giving accurate information according to the location of the user.Founded in 1986, Magellan is a global positioning system (GPS) company specializing in consumer navigation electronics.Magellan has over 200 patented products, including on- and off-road vehicle navigation systems; dash cameras; RV navigation; fleet navigation for trucks, buses and vans; as well as a whole line of handheld navigation devices and GPS watches.

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