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Free document reader that supports bold, italics, centering, images, and other select pieces of HTML. Can use ZLib (see the Libraries section below) for excellent compression of documents.I am also linking to my page where I have converted some Project Gutenberg books to Plucker format for you. If you are a developer or a power user, you know that your palm can crash often, requiring you to perform a paper-clip reset.

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“I highly recommend Lock Down Browser for any institution using an LMS with a 1:1 device initiative.

One shared copy of these large routines for accurate trig functions means that all of your advanced calculators will not be duplicating the code and leads to a more efficient and better layout of the software.

Based on one of the most common compression libraries available, this Palm library brings desktop-quality compression routines to the handheld and makes them available for developers.

You can just tap on the menu bar on the top of the screen instead of finding the silkscreened menu button near the graffiti area.

Part of the Eudora Internet Suite, this text-only web browser is fast and supports SSL (if you install the included SSL library).

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