Updating performance appriasals

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Managers and workers use the self-service Appraisals function to define and conduct the appraisal process.

Managers use this function to initiate and manage appraisals of their subordinates.

Workers use this function to initiate appraisals of themselves.

Both workers and managers use this function to participate in appraisals as appraisers, reviewers, or other participants.

You can create the components of the appraisal process, in particular the assessment template, the competency assessment template, and the objective assessment template, and perform related setup tasks.

To perform the appraisal itself, you use Oracle Performance Management.

Poorly design appraisals focus on ‘lag’ measures – events that we are no longer able to influence.

If you are looking to refresh your approach to performance management, please do not hesitate to contact a consultant to discuss ideas.

It is now well established that more engaged employees are more productive, persistent, proactive and adaptable.

For example, when you publish a PMP, the application generates a personal scorecard of objectives for each plan member.

The Workforce Performance Management functions enable you to: Managers and workers use the self-service Performance Management function to access their Performance Management Task Lists.

It’s hard to imagine any organisation being able to manage its talent effectively without some way of evaluating peoples’ performance and work delivery.

However, too many performance management systems are failing to truly engage employees and drive their performance.

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