Updating ram in ibm thinkpad 600x

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Armed with a fresh install of Ubuntu and a wireless card, I’ll be rigging this up as a semi-permanent member of my wardriving setup.

Note (Wouter de Vries) : Can't connect using ipw2100 (does load), installed ndiswrapper manually, which works.

USB CD burners is automatically detected and accessable with Nautilus Burn (havn't tried any other applications).

I can connect to networks both with and without encryption though I have some small issues when switching from an encrypted network to an unencrypted network with the network-admin program.

The FW model column is what actually identifies which sort of firmware (BIOS and Embedded Controller) should be installed in a Think Pad.

Machines with the same firmware model use the same BIOS and Embedded Controller firmware.

In any case, we’ll be cutting off the plastic coating shortly. The negative and positive leads are stamped into the surface of the battery so you have to pry them off carefully.

You can check current BIOS and Embedded Controller versions as detailed here: BIOS Version The following table lists direct links to BIOS updates for most Thinkpad Models.

Refer to BIOS Upgrade for instructions on how to perform a BIOS upgrade.

It can also be found as the OEM table ID in the ACPI DSDT.

It is formed by the characters "TP-", plus the first two characters from the BIOS/EC update part number.

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