Updating wwii discharge papers

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He is crouching by the back left tire of a two-door Ford hardtop pulled to the side of a tree-lined dirt road.

With his left hand, he holds a wrench steady against the lug nut, and with his right, he is about to push the wrench down counterclockwise.

A DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) is generally issued when a service member performs active duty or at least 90 consecutive days of active duty training.

The Report of Separation contains information normally needed to verify military service for benefits, retirement, employment, and membership in Veterans' organizations.

When I was older I learned that after he returned home, my grandfather had done terrible things that no husband or father should ever do to his family.

The one story that has stayed with me is the one about the night he, in a fit of rage and in full view of my father, who was only 4 or 5, grabbed my grandmother by the hair at the dinner table, dragged her into the bathroom and stuck her head face first into the toilet.

Letscher was taking us to the base of Kakazu Ridge.

His tank battle happened early in the hellish three-month-long fight for Okinawa.

Just after sunrise on April 19, 1945, the tanks in Company A of the 193rd Tank Battalion, along with the 1st Platoon from Company B of the 713th Armored Flamethrower Battalion attacked a village called Kakazu, perched on a fortified ridge.

The National Personnel Records Center is the government agency tasked with replacing lost or destroyed DD Form 214s.

More information on how to request military service records can be found on the National Archives website.

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