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Note that here the term event-driven means a process that calls specific handlers when the contents of the XML document are encountered.For instance, calling end Document() when the end of the XML document is found.// Example: different ways of communicating data to handlers // STL based attribute passing // with an STL based event-driven handler a start Element Handler // method might look like this virtual void Hypothetical Handler::start Element Handler (const String name,const list attributes) = 0; // Special Attribute List Class provided // With some event-driven APIs a special Attribute List object // containing attribute information // is used. virtual void Document Handler::start Element(const XMLCh* const name, Attribute List& attrs) = 0; As you can see, the way processors notify applications about elements, attributes, character data, processing instructions and entities is parser-specific and can greatly influence the programming style behind the XML-related modules of your system.Efforts to create a standard event-driven XML processing API have produced SAX (the Simple API for XML).

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Expat is a C parser developed and maintained by James Clark.

Another parser could notify a handler when it finds the same start-element tag and pass it not only the name of the element, but a list of the attributes and values of that element.

Another important difference between XML parsers is in which representation they use to pass data from the parser to the application: e.g.

Static model diagrams are illustrated in UML: the diagrams used show mainly inheritance and simple relationships and may not require previous UML knowledge.

Nevertheless, we provide a basic UML guide containing all you need to know in order to understand the examples.

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