Valid reason for backdating jsa

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Hi Two questions arising with an individual enquiry and likely to be an issue for our wider client group.1) Do clients have to sit and wait and hope that DWP correctly identifies them as a claimant who may have missed out on ir ESA?Did any letter come with the form which would indicate where it had come from. On one of my cases which was stayed pending outcome of the R(SD)v SSWP, the judge has directed the SSWP to respond to my submission. For those who have transferred to UC - hope the trawl process will include a process to identify them.I guess it is possible that it’s a standard review as Paul suggests… ‘People can also qualify for help in other ways, for example by applying for the NHS Low Income Scheme, which covers prescription, dental and eye care costs, wigs, fabric supports and assistance with healthcare-related travel costs.They’ve got a bit of a way to go if there’s 70,000 to contact and they’re a bit behind schedule since the started the beginning of April and are due to be complete by next April…According to a written answer in the House of Commons last week only 15,000 claimants have been sent the ESA3 so far.

I just don’t want the client to suddenly stop receiving ESA because she didn’t complete her Capability for Work Questionnaire! They should definitely NOT have to complete an ESA50 as part of the exercise to pay backdating - they only thing they should complete is a special ESA3 looking at income/savings on migration date and subsequently if there was entitlement to ir ESA at that date.HI Charlie In answer to question 2 every claimant who migrated between 1/1/11 and 31/12/14 is supposed to be being contacted regardless of what benefits they are on now - or indeed if they have died as DWP should contact next of kin.In partial answer to question 1 I have an email address which I can give you if you have cases that need to queue jump because the circumstances are particularly difficult - but it is only to be used sparingly and not for every case you come across that is waiting to be contacted.2) Will the DWP’s trawl of cases extend to claimants who were claiming IB or SDA between 2011-14 but have since either moved onto another benefit (eg PC) or are no longer entitled to a means-tested benefit? Any other info about the process would be welcomed.Well done to all involved in getting this great result for our clients.

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