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When a mare has brought forth a he- or she-mule we bring it up and 5 feed it.

They are brought to it at the same time as are horses, and similarly a groom is there to help the stallion when he performs the operation.

In rendering the Latin, I have aimed, above all things, at accuracy, and have tried to say in English what Varro actually said in Latin, not what I imagine he ought to have said, or might have said, had he written in English. Isidore of Seville (xii, i, end) calls a hinny burdo {burro ? Of the pig kind, however, some animals can defend themselves, namely, boars, hogs, and sows — for these animals closely resemble wild boars which in the woods have often been known to kill dogs with 2 their tusks.

Graceful paraphrase would have been quite out of place in the case of an author who has no graces of style, is valuable principally for his matter, and is very difficult to understand. Those with which I am acquainted — the French of Nisard, the Italian of Pagani, and the English of Clarke (1800) — are not good, and were made by men evidently unaccustomed to Varro's peculiar and archaic diction. I need hardly mention the larger cattle, for I know that when a herd of mules have been feeding, and a wolf has appeared on the scene, the familiar term for a donkey, and in French hourrique means an c Mtif.

Of Instruments of Prc DUCTio N (Mute ) 60 X CONTENTS CHAP. Gen., ii, 8, end) calls y Xwog the offspring of a horse and an ass, which has sui Fered in the womb, and says that it IS r]iiiovo Qav&Kiripo Q, " a damaged mule, " and likea/on;«j cordus (rd fte Taxotpa iv ro Tg xoipoig). A foal of an ass is put when just born under a mare, as the latter's milk makes him bigger, for they say it is more feeding than asses' milk.

So that this does not tell against the supposition that the place of these conversations was Sicily. The priest's slave in Horace, Epist., i, 10, 10, ran away because he was tired of eternal cakes. Pliny (viii, 44) speaks of hinni as being " unmanageable and incurably slow." Aristotle (An.

But the Parilia would be celebrated in the provinces as well as at Rome. The liha were, of course, cakes made of flour and milk, or of pounded cheese, fine flour, and eggs ; cf Cato, Ixxv. Columella (vi, 37, 5) : Qui ex equo et asina con- cepti generantur, quamvis u, patre nomen traxerint quod hinni vocantur matri per omnia magis similes sunt.

The apparent superfluity of illustrative matter will be forgiven if it be remembered that the book is not only submitted to the criticism of the scholar, but directed to the general reader, and even the practical farmer. About dogs then: there are two kinds, one for hunting' connected with the wild beasts of the woods, the other bought for purposes of defence, and used by the shepherd. Their hind- quarters (dunes) might then be close together, while their heads would be properly described by the word dvversa, "turned in different directions." ' Unum venaticum, etc. I would propose then to read : Unum venaticum.' ad bestias siluesti'es, ad feras bestias alterum, quod custodiae causa paratiir et pertinet ad pastorem,. The former is to be white so that in the dark mornings or the twilight of evening he may readily be distinguished from a beast of prey, and may not be killed by the shepherd in mistake. The sheep-dog need not be so lean and fleet as the stag-hound nor so stout or heavy as the watch-dog. This kind of collar was in the time of Festus — and according to him in that of Scipio Africanus — called millus.

For the sake of those who possess "small Latin and less Greek," I have translated passages of general interest from Cato, Columella, the Geoponica, etc. The first et pertinet probably arose out of the second. Hiatu magna, roig fisya to \aajia Ixoirac (Geoponica, loc. The black house- dog is a terrible fellow, "big, black, thick-set — his head so large as to seem the largest part of his body — with drooping ears, black or yellow eyes gleaming with a fierce light," etc. He must, however, be very strong and to some extent quick and vigorous, as he is expected to be able both to fight and run — to drive off the crafty wolf or follow him and make him drop his prey." 2i8 VARRO ON FARMING [bk. One must also see that they come of a good breed, and so they, too, are called after the districts whence they come, Laconian,^ Epirot, Sallentine." Be careful not to buy dogs either from hunters or butchers, for butchers' dogs are too lazy to follow the flock, while hunting dogs, if they see a hare or a stag, will follow it instead of the sheep. He defines it thus: "A hound's collar made of leather and studded with iron nails which stick out — as a protection against an attacking wolf." The Geoponica {loc.

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