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All you need is a video stream or a webcam, and your facial expressions can be instantly tracked.

However, our reason to come to Engadin was not to snowboard or ski, but to work on innovative solutions in order to maximise the region’s potential. The topics of the Hackathon were quite hot & trendy: Ten selected startups from all over Europe came to St.

The Web Chat channel includes the web chat control, which provides the ability for users to interact with your bot directly in a web page.

The Web Chat channel in the Bot Framework Portal contains everything you need to embed the web chat control in a web page.

We have also, once again, validated our product with potential customers and we have been told that we are on the right path and that this region is facing similar technical challenges as the major Austrian tourism regions.”“At Black Cell we are used to working with Virtual Reality, but we underestimated the impact on people who have never tried it.

Especially their reactions and feedback after trying out VR for the first time was really overwhelming.

Customize your avatar, bring it to life using our face tracking AR technology, and immerse yourself in virtual worlds.

Our Avatar SDK allows anyone to instantly generate high-quality personalized CG characters for their games and VR/AR applications.

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Learn more Thanks to the chatbots AI (Artificial Intelligence) bots can recognise customers' query and act based on it (e. The tidio live chat application was so easy to install and it is by far the most modern chat application for website.

”Overall, Pioneers’ Alpine Hack was a great experience for us and we are confident it was for the other nine teams as well.

As a startup, you should be an expert in fast-paced problem-solving.

Just seeing videos or reading about it doesn’t prepare you for the real experience.

Our key take-away from the event is that we need to get out of our studio more and actively show our projects to the people.

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