What islam says about dating

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These things are strictly forbidden in Islam before marriage. Fornication, as well as adultery, is forbidden in Islam.2.

The Prophet mentioned in the Hadith that whenever a person being intimately in two with his/her unmarried couple, satan will be the 3rd person accompanying & luring them into sex.

As you can see, this all involves good self-control and since many Muslims are unable to fulfill that, they just succumb into 'dating'.

Romance, if not checked, may mean wasting time, effort and dignity. Besides, the concept of love in Islam is very unique, when a Muslim loves something or somebody, it must be for the sake of Allah; the same applies to hatred.

Falling in love is obviously not forbidden in Islam, but 'dating' is not an Islamic term.

The Prophet taught that building a family is a virtuous thing and he suggested every Muslim to get married.

The couple, however, are not permitted to be alone in a closed room or go out together alone.

The choice of a partner by a Muslim virgin girl is subject to the approval of the father or guardian. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: "The widow and the divorced woman shall not be married until she has consented to that and the virgin shall not be married until her consent is sought." The Prophet did nullify the marriage of a girl who complained to him that her father had married her against her wishes.

Asking about your wife/husband candidate's background to her/his close friends.2.

Coming to her/his house, meeting her/his family, and having chats w/ her/him there.3. Taking any of her/his family member with you when both of you go out OR go with her/him and her/his family altogether.

Choose the one who is religious, may your hands be rubbed with dust [i.e., may you prosper]! If she is not, then you should reconsider your choice.

May Allah help you to do what He loves and what pleases Him!

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