Who is amanda bynes dating now

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"I have something surprising to tell you," she teased in her chat with host Diana Madison, "I'm going to start acting again."Because while she fully intends to use her FIDM degrees, already making plans for a future fashion line, "I want to get back into acting first," she revealed this past November in her cover story.

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Explains the source, "She really wants to finish what she started at FIDM."And then, should all go to plan, return to her roots.

"Nothing will be rushed to give Amanda the best possible result after leaving treatment."And should she still wish to give her previous career another stab when she's done focusing on self-care, well, we're guessing the entertainment industry will be waiting.

Discovered at a Los Angeles children's comedy camp as a grade-schooler, by then already a seasoned professional with some 20 commercials under her child-sized belt, Bynes showed a natural gift for physical comedy when she began her six-year run on the Nickelodeon sketch show All That in 1996.

"I enjoy all of my classes and my teachers are excellent." In fact she was so focused on her studies, she said, "I don't have time to tweet."Requesting that Drake you-know-what her vagina this was not.

Bynes has come a long way since being under the influence caused her to share every thought that crossed her mind with her 3.2 million followers.

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