Who is christian louboutin dating

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He did all of those things voluntarily, but I still felt like I was using him.

I felt like one of those unloyal hoes that Chris Brown keeps whining about.

Louboutin, Chanel and Herve Leger all in one outfit. Because these garments are so flattering, I refuse to wear any other cocktail dresses.I felt like it was wrong to accept all of these lavish gifts from a person I had no intention of sleeping with. He went off and called me ungrateful, saying that I had issues with men.I’m pretty sure not fucking him and not accepting the shoes was me doing something that my father would actually be proud of. Long story short, they did not accept returns so I’m stuck with these ridiculous shoes that are just sitting in my closet reminding me of the puke I should have sold.Last summer, I experienced first hand how money makes people crazy, and I am here to tell you ALL about my ridiculous date with a millionaire.Who was this dude and how did I stumble upon him, you ask?

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