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Bienvenido Diez River-dominated, tide-influenced shelf-edge delta systems: coarse-grained deltas straddling the Early-Middle Jurassic shelf- slope break and transforming downslope, Lajas-Los Molles formations, Neuquén Basin, Argentina Dr.

Disclosure of Interest None Declared Introduction: Immune cells are constantly confronted with intracellular and extracellular radical oxygen species (ROS) under steady-state and even more under inflammatory and pathogenic conditions.Results: A Cox-logistic model combining 18 clinical variables at a median of 2 days after diagnosis had a c-index of 0.69 (95%CI: 0.67-0.71) and performed better than JIA category alone (0.59, 0.56-0.63).Table 1 lists the top 8 variables included in the final model.Quality control was performed before dimensional reduction and clustering to identify the cell subsets using our in-house analysis and visualisation pipeline.Their frequencies across the ages were presented as 3-D frequency histograms to create the immune landscape.

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