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Amid the post-writers-strike flurry of new “How I Met Your Mother” episodes, promoting “Sarah,” shooting a new film, and writing new scripts, Segel says, “I’m a bit of a ragamuffin. I mean, I think I’m a good guy and all that, but I’m pretty focused at the moment.“And I have to start going to the gym for this movie” -- a buddy comedy with Paul Rudd called “I Love You, Man” -- “and it’s the worst. Dunk as well.)The partnership he is willing to nurture right now is with “Sarah” director Nicholas Stoller.

The pair, who first met when Stoller was an “Undeclared” writer, are developing another treacherous boy-girl comedy for Apatow with the self-explanatory title “Five-Year Engagement.” Says Segel, “Hopefully it’s like ‘Annie Hall’ in tone.” Then there’s his dream project: writing the new Muppet movie.

Let her leave so I can write this down immediately!

“Judd said, ‘I’ve written this for you.’ I could not have been more excited. Segel believes it’s been Apatow’s mission to prove to everyone that the “Freaks” cast deserved better than first-season cancellation.

“We were on a plane, Judd and I, and he leaned back and let out a deliberate exhale, like you could tell a joke was about to come. Now I can sleep.’ ”Although “Sarah” may be Segel’s exorcising of certain relationship demons, the irony is it comes at a time when he’s too busy to be any girl’s devoted paramour.

“He has a hilarious neediness about him that has always made me laugh,” the producer says.

“He’s a fun actor to watch because he’s the guy who thinks he’s hiding his emotions, but they’re so obvious.

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