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You were driving the getaway car, we were flying but we'd never get far / But with three of us, honey, it's a side show and a circus ain't a love story and now we're both sorry."Remember the video footage of Tom and Taylor dancing together at the Met Gala 2016? And fans believe that 'Getaway Car' could be a metaphor for Tom helping her to escape her relationship with Calvin, which links to the 'I wanted to leave him, I needed a reason'.

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All's well that ends well to end up with you." Some fans are thinking that because the line references wedding traditions of "something borrowed and something blue," Swift may be hinting at a wedding in her future, especially since the song's title is "Lover." OMG I didn't realize that Taylor liked a Tumblr post that says: my heart has been borrowed, and yours has been blue, something borrowed and something blue, so the line literally means is part of a rhyme that details what a bride should wear for good luck um OMG IF SHES ENGAGED ah pic.twitter.com/QIe Jh Dp Fa G — Sophia Swiftie//wants to meet Taylor 💖🎶🌟🌟🌟💙 (@Taylorin Style13) August 9, 2019 Swift and Alwyn first made their relationship public in May 2017 but were reported to have begun dating as early as September 2016.Prior to his audition for the much-coveted part, the then 25-year-old had never even stepped in front of a camera.Directed by double Oscar-winning director Ang Lee, the war film saw him star alongside Hollywood heavyweights Kristen Stewart, Vin Diesel and Steve Martin.As well as Operation Finale, Boy Erased and Mary Queen of Scots.Joe is also starring as Edward Brodess in upcoming flick Harriet about the life of abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

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