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In a 2008 miniseries, Paul Giamatti was John Adams (no relation to myself).

Lost Carson’s still looking for the “Nurse Jackie” set.

It's believed Anderson's mother did not even know about the marriage until she saw it on the cover on the magazine.

Just months after they wed, the couple's relationship would change forever.

A baby out of wedlock and a wife who was in wedlock. There’s also the acting chorus line who love the role: Aaron Eckhart plays President Benjamin Asher in March 4’s new film “London Has Fallen.” Remember “Planet of the Apes”? The United States of Hollywood picked instead an actor named William Windom. Also John Lithgow, Jason Robards, even Art Carney, whose biggest cinema triumph was “Harry and Tonto.” For “Nixon,” Oliver Stone wanted Tommy Lee Jones or Gene Hackman.

Even France’s slobby husband DSK, who made a bed with a hotel maid in it. Ralph Bellamy in “Sunrise at Campobello.” Bill Murray in “Hyde Park on Hudson.” Edward Herrman in some PBS thing.

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