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The program hides some important issues from the participants, then the participants have to sell in a “Tupperware-style” setting (which can often strain relationships), then participants inevitably make less money than what was “implied” to them during training, and finally, the end consumer gets an over-priced product which smacks of “unethical-ness”.That’s all, but what the heck, you’re an adult and you can jump right in if you like. 😉 About 2 years ago, my son was looking for a summer job and seen an ad on Craigs List that guaranteed -20 an hour jobs for students.So, to the CEO, 270 people a day are finding out the *real* image of Vector.That is not good for recruitment (read rest of post for why).The ad was more like a landing page telling my son to fill out a form and apply.If you’ve been working for awhile and are a professional, you will realize that a -20 an hour job with no real requirement (GED) is a little far-fetched.

Basically, if someone seems to be *too* happy to be working at Vector, it is fake. on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and any other social networking account you have. It is a niche where people sell to other people the idea of making money. I told him what I thought about it and told him he should just go to the interview anyway (surprise, he got an interview… He might learn a few things about marketing from seeing how they work–like how they can get young folks motivated to work for them without telling them what they are going to be doing.Beware, we all know about things that are too good to be true…do you expect to get -20 an hour with zero experience? For my disclaimer, I’ll say this: legally speaking (though I’m not a lawyer), I wouldn’t accuse Vector Marketing of being illegal or for breaking any official codes, laws, etc.the company says it has annual sales of over 0 million and is based in 250 locations…if a company is that big, I’m sure they know how to manage their finances, so it is probably option 3.

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