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Now we select Computer Configuration/Policies/Windows Settings/Public Key Policies under that node we double click on Certificate Services Client – Auto-Enrollment we now select on the properties under Configuration Model we select Enable and make sure that the boxes for managing certificates in the store and for updating the certificate if the template is modified.

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One of the biggest advantages also is that since TLS is used it will warn us if it can not validate the identity of the host we are connecting to.

Now lets configure the client settings to make sure that we always select to warn in the case the host certificate con not be authenticated.

We select Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Remote Desktop Settings/Remote Desktop Connection Client We double click on Configure Authentication for Client Select Enable and set the Option to Warn me if authentication fails Click on OK and close the screen.

Since the days of Vista and Windows 2008 Microsoft has provided a new mechanism for securing RDP connections with what they call Network Level Authentication, this uses Microsoft Cred SSP Protocol to authenticate and negotiate credential type before handing off the connection to RDP Service.

Cred SSP first establishes an encrypted channel between the client and the target server by using Transport Layer Security (TLS).

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