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We understand why you are blocking ads, but just know it compromises your site experience (features may break or not appear entirely) and prevents us from investing in the Future of Porn.Atrazine is the most commonly used herbicide in the U. We examined the effects of atrazine on sexual development in African clawed frogs ().C and D show 8 μm of transverse cross-sections through the animals' right gonad stained with Mallory's trichrome stain. The yellow color in A and B is a result of fixation in Bouins' fixative. The ovary is distinguished by its greater length, lobed structure, and melanin granules.Although some specimens' ovaries lack pigment (especially atrazine-treated animals), testes never have melanin in this species.Experiments were carried out at 22°C with animals under a 12-h/12-h light/dark cycle (lights on at 6 a.m.).

At metamorphosis (complete tail reabsorption—Niewkwoop–Faber Stage 66), the date was recorded for each animal.

Each animal was weighed to the nearest 0.002 g on a Mettler AT 261 Delta Range balance and its total length was measured to the nearest 0.5 mm.

Animals were anesthetized in 0.2% benzocaine (Sigma), assigned a unique identification number, fixed in Bouins' fixative, and preserved in 70% ethanol until further analysis.

It can be present at several parts per million in agricultural runoff and can reach 40 parts per billion (ppb) in precipitation.

Larvae were exposed to atrazine (0.01–200 ppb) by immersion throughout larval development, and we examined gonadal histology and laryngeal size at metamorphosis.

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