Xm radio updating message

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If none of these steps work and there is not a signal outage in your area, your equipment may need to be replaced.This means that the Sirius XM unit cannot detect the antenna.Make sure the Sirius XM antenna cable is firmly and securely plugged into the cradle.Make sure the Sirius XM antenna cable is not bent or broken.It is quick and easy, just give us a call at 1-888-964-2874. This means that the Sirius XM receiver is not getting a signal.Have you already activated your radio, but now you only see the "Preview" channel? Make sure the Sirius XM antenna is in a southern-facing window.Go to and enter in your Radio ID and follow the instructions (should load in about 15-20 minutes if it is already activated).If that does not work, please call us to verify your account status.

If the antenna is mounted outside, try re-aiming it.

NO SIGNAL: The system is functioning correctly, but the vehicle is in a location that is blocking the Sirius XM signal. RADIO ID: If tuned to channel 0, this message alternates with the Sirius XM Radio eight-digit radio ID label. CHECK XM TUNER: If this message does not clear within a short period of time, the receiver could have a fault. Drivers are encouraged to set up XM channel favorites while the vehicle is not moving.

When the vehicle is moved into an open area, the signal should return. Tune to favorite stations using the pushbuttons, favorites button, and steering wheel controls. Frequency interference and static can occur during normal radio reception if items such as cell phone chargers, vehicle convenience accessories, and external electronic devices are plugged into th ...

Press the select button to choose the desired channel OR make sure that you are on "direct tune" mode. We have some electronic user manuals available, so please call or email us to see if we have a copy of the manual for your radio: 1-866-896-7040 or [email protected]

Check the audio out on the Sirius XM receiver If the screen is displaying the channel and song information properly and you do not have any of the above screen errors, the Sirius XM receiver is probably working fine.

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